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Warranty Policy

At VOLT-E, we want to guarantee our customers excellent service. To this end, we have prepared a Warranty policy to inform the customer of our warranty procedures and how the customer should act in these situations.

To ensure a smooth warranty support process, the customer should keep the purchase receipt/invoice and any other relevant product documents as proof of purchase.

NOTE: All refunds, returns and replacement parts will only be processed after the original products have been analysed and inspected at VOLT-E’s facilities.

Any warranty case must be handled through official customer support. All requests must be sent to the email address and the parcel must be returned to our designated address, otherwise you may be held liable for the loss of the returned items. Any return that has not been monitored and followed up by customer service may be lost.

You should send an email to, with the documentation required to initiate the VOLT-E warranty service. Required:

  • Proof of purchase, purchase receipt or invoice and other relevant documents for the item.
  • A brief description of the product problem, together with clear evidence of the problem (e.g. photos, videos, whatever is relevant).



Under the terms of Decree-Law 84/2021 (portuguese Law):

  1. The Customer shall at all times have the legal right to a guarantee, for the equipment required by law, for a period of three years from delivery of the product.
  2. The legal provisions apply to its rights in the event of material defects and defects in title, unless otherwise stipulated below.
  3. For consumers, warranty rights for new items expire within three years, for used items within one year from the transfer of risk.
  4. In the event of a warranty claim, the consumer has the right to:
    1. Restoration of conformity by repairing or replacing the goods;
    2. A proportional reduction in the price; or (c) cancellation of the contract.
  5. Insofar as you are claiming installation and dismantling costs in relation to the replacement of a part recently delivered by us in the course of liability for material defects, we ask you to present us with the original receipts, since in the event of recognition as a warranty case, the service will be reimbursed by us. Please ensure that the invoice only states the work directly related to the repair of the defect (i.e. no third-party services on the invoice).
  6. After reporting the defect, the Customer must allow PT-VOLT-E to analyse the Products. Inspection of the defective Product takes place at PT-VOLT-E’s premises. Transport/return costs shall be borne by Volt-E, unless the warranty claim is denied, in which case the Customer must pay the transport costs.
  7. Under PT-VOLT-E’s additional warranty on its own-brand products, claims may be made for defects in material or workmanship. A valid claim shall give rise to a free repair or replacement of the Products at PT-VOLT-E’s discretion. If the repair or replacement is not possible or reasonable, taking into account the costs involved, PT-VOLT-E is entitled, as a final solution, to reimburse the costs.
  8. The responsibility for defects in used items is excluded for entrepreneurs as customers. This does not apply to gross negligence. In the case of new items, warranty rights expire within one year of the transfer of risk.
  9. If a product was purchased on a third-party website or through other purchasing channels, you must follow the individual return and exchange policies of each of them.
  10. By way of clarification, we would like to point out that the following circumstances do not constitute a material defect if they are the cause of the defect:
    • Natural wear and tear;
    • Improper use;
    • Lack of care or incorrect care of the items;
    • Inadequate or improper use;
    • Defective assembly, particularly if the part ordered is obviously not the correct one;
    • Failure to comply with the instructions for use;
  11. Any defects in the Products that result from normal wear and tear or any other external cause, such as, but not limited to, damage from transport by the Customer, incorrect use, or if the Customer has made any repairs to the product without Volt-E’s prior written authorisation, shall not be covered by the warranty, unless such use or repairs are inherent in the use of the Products.


Under the terms of Decree-Law 84/2021 (portuguese Law):

  1.  1. PT-VOLT-E’s liability is limited to the extent permitted by law.
    PT-VOLT-E shall never be liable for any damage to the Customer if a. The damage results from non-compliance in relation to the producer’s responsibility, unless PT-VOLT-E is legally responsible under the law; b. The damages are indirect and/or consequential damages.
  2. Should damages occur, the Customer is obliged to limit, as far as reasonably possible, any additional or other damages.



Availability of repair parts

Under the terms of the law, producers of goods sold to consumers on are obliged to make available parts necessary for the repair of goods purchased by the consumer for a period of 10 years after the last unit of the respective product has been placed on the market.


Customer support

If you have any questions about the installation, operation and maintenance of your charger, please contact VOLT-E technical support at We will be happy to help you.


Non-warranty repairs

VOLT-E provides repair services for damage not covered by the guarantee. However, the cost of the repair will be charged to the customer in accordance with the table in force.

The amount will depend on the type of repair required, an assessment will be made of the equipment, the quote will be given to the customer via our communication channels and it will be up to the customer to accept the repair or not.



If you have any questions that have not been answered in this document, you can contact customer support.

Questions relating to general queries about products, the operation of the online shop, deliveries and parcel dispatches, please email

Questions relating to technical support, returns and guarantees please email

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