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EV Charger DMTC22KW V2.5

EV Charger DMTC22KW V2.5
REF: C/DM/2.5

EV Charger DMTC22KW V2.5

1,210.32 TAX included

The DMTC22KW V2.6 EV Charger is the perfect option for charging your electric vehicle on a daily basis at your home, condominium or business.

This screen version is a smart solution and a favoured alternative for garage spaces in condominiums, hotels, companies and commercial spaces with free access to the public.


Version 2.6 of the DMTC22KW model is the most complete version in this range.


It offers the ability to incorporate a locking system with RFID cards to regulate access to the charger (electronic key), so you can only access the charger with the card associated with the charger.

It has a screen with 4G /LAN/Wi-Fi communication, which makes it easier to navigate when charging and allows the charger to be connected to a network, such as the MOBI.E network, with the option of being connected to charging management software.


SKU: C/DM/2.5 Availability: 3 in stock

  The home charger can be installed in single-phase or three-phase installations

  Output power up to 22 kW, can be factory set from 2.2 kW to 22 kW

  Rfid System

  Colour Screen (4,3 Inch)

  LAN/Wi-Fi/ 4G Comunnication (optional)

  Plug & Charge charging system / RFID card

  Can be installed indoors or outdoors

  Can be mounted on the wall or on our E-Base pedestal

  Power: Factory adjustable from 2.2kW to 22kW

  Charging mode: Mode 3

  Dimensions (H x W x D): 400mm x 320mm x 120mm

   Weight: 5 kg

  Coating: stainless steel

  Degree of Protection: IP54 / IK10

  Temperature: -45 to +55 Degrees

  Frequency: 50-60Hz

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm


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